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The way of working by Wallskors Services

Simple, fast and efficient, the working method used will of course be the scrum method. Indeed, rather than specifying everything from the very beginning of the project and sticking to a very rigid framework, an agile project will be organized in iterative and incremental development cycles, in which the end customer and the user will be integrated and participate actively. The centre of gravity is therefore no longer the project itself, but the product. The objective is no longer to complete the project, but to produce a finished product that perfectly matches the customer's needs. It is the customer who defines the priority of the functionalities he wants to see realized. The customer defines the priority of the functionalities that he wants to see realized. He thereby has the possibility of obtaining an incomplete but operational product, which he can put into production if he wishes. Rather than having to wait for the end of the project, he can therefore already use the existing product as is, while waiting for other functionalities to be integrated. He also has the possibility to change the priorities of undeveloped functionalities that he had previously defined. Functionality requiring further consideration can be deferred to a later iteration, or a vital functionality identified too late can be substituted for another functionality deemed less important. Agile methods provide unparalleled flexibility for both the customer and the provider, while allowing them to control and respect the project's timeline and budget.