Computer Science Company
in current expansion

Design and development of websites, software and programs,
database administration, network security testing and data mining.

  • Creatiion
  • Conception
  • Development
Image Site Web

Website development
trough PhP and HTML/CSS

  • All the skills are present to deploy web code.
  • Ability to establish a Client / Server connection with any type of database (MSSQL, MySQL, Oracle).
  • Use of web services possible (Parse ...).
Image Logiciel

Software Programming

  • Programming Object programming, using processes, establishing connections, securing the program.
  • Development of graphical interfaces
  • Other varieties of development and functionalities possible.
Image SQL

Database administration and management

  • Management of roles, privileges, access and use of methods in the database.
  • Establishment of the Relational Diagram, development of automated triggers (PL/SQL) and data security.
  • Optimization of interactions with the database (Index) and classification.

Special features of Wallskors Services

Because Wallskors Services is not just one of the branches from the ones which already exists and those that will emerge from the company.

  • Feedbacks

    The development of the project can be followed in real time and anyone can suggest changes to the programs and their functionality as long as they are thoughtful and reasoned.

  • 100% reliable IT development

    Nothing is left to chance or incomplete in our projects. Each functionality produced is scrupulously tested before being put into service and in public depending on the nature of the project.

  • Optimized and error-free code

    Each program is optimized in the best possible way to allow future developers to take over and continue if they wish. Our programs are error-free and work very well after installation on a client/server. To avoid errors and security vulnerabilities, we ensure a test phase of each program.

  • Training and follow-ups of the adaptation to the updates

    During the installation or distribution of any type of program or database, a follow-up is optionally proposed in order to promote the handling of the software/website associated with it.

Create a project

The created project is sent to the queue of projects to be completed. You will then be contacted so we can discuss about the progress of your project and the organization we will be set up within the development team in relation to the project you submitted. You can also choose to submit a request for your project if our services are unavailable at the time you need them.